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Well-being is the basis for how we care for every single grain.

We are what we eat. But do we know what we eat? For us at Grandi Molini Italiani, offering the highest guarantee of quality and safety of our products is a priority. Our logistics structure and the most advanced control technologies mean we can track the entire production process, so as to ensure certified quality at all times.

Our certifications

  • BRC ( British Retail Consortium)

    Global Standard for Food Safety

  • UNI EN ISO 14001:2015

    Environmental Management System

  • GMP+

    Feed safety certification scheme


    International Sustainability and Carbon Certification

  • BIO Reg CE 848/2018

    Certification of biologic compliance for the activity of processing, storage, packaging and commercialization

  • KASHRUTH Certification

    Or Kasher or Kosher


    Empowering responsible supply chains
    International circuit for social responsibility


    Recognition for the production and packing of products for particular nutrition uses.

Well-being is how we talk to people.

PRODUCTS DESIGNED FOR YOU. We listen to the requests of our partners and together with them build shared knowledge and a way of doing things, so as to create products that are tailored to suit different needs and give form to the creativity of those who use them.

DIRECT LINE. We at Grandi Molini Italiani are interested in everything you have to say or ask us. Our Customer Service is always available to respond to any request.

Well-being is how we create culture and promote information.

Freshly baked bread, a freshly baked cake, piping-hot pizza. For many of us, happiness is the scent of these authentic and simple things. Bakers, pizza and pastry chefs are skilled artisans. Yet mastery of an artisan product is not the only ingredient for success. This is why at Grandi Molini Italiani we offer training and refresher courses for all of the artisans who use our products. To transform a “shop” into a place where emotions are made.

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Italian pizza is an art form. At Grandi Molini Italiani we want to be the promoters and ambassadors of Italian pizza culture throughout the world. In collaboration with Pizza News School, every year we help train hundreds of pizza chefs in Italy and abroad. A vast program of courses, forums, contests and championships.
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The future starts today. At Grandi Molini Italiani we are aware of the importance of educating our children about the value of healthy eating. This is why we are committed to promoting food culture, taking it to schools of all levels and opening our doors to students so as to show them all of the charm and modernity of an ancient trade.
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AN "AAA" MILL. Nutrition. Water. Environment.
The art of making flour is a multi-faceted trade filled with charm. A journey through the Venice mill will let you discover the know-how of the past that has evolved over time with new technologies and needs. A guided tour for everyone - adults and children, professionals and people interested in learning more - to find out what makes our mills great.

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Proper nutrition requires correct information.
This is why we are part of INFOFARINE: the project established by ITALMOPA, the Italian Millers’ Association. A scientific and professional hub of information on wheat and flour, developed with the authoritative contribution of nutritionists, chemists, food technologists, legal experts and economists. Everything you need to know about the basic ingredient of our diet.

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Well-being is how we look to the future.

We are constantly looking for new solutions to improve the nutritional properties of our products. Yet we also look at the environment with respect and consider every natural resource to be precious. This is why starting in 2006 we commenced a project to exploit and reuse waste and by-products of our raw materials to produce bioenergy. Benefiting both the environment and the quality of life of everyone


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