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  • 01/02/2024

    Grandi Molini Italiani's Pizza line

    Developed in collaboration with pizza experts, the Grandi Molini Italiani's Pizza line was created with the aim of providing every pizza maker and cooking enthusiast...

  • 01/12/2023

    A new way to stay healthy

    VitaMill® a Basso Indice Glicemico is the Grandi Molini Italiani's innovative health product that allows you to stay in shape without giving up the...

  • 23/11/2023

    Christmas box “PizzAut. Un’esperienza buona che fa del bene”

    The Italian consumers' cooperative Coop Lombardia s.c. and the non-profit organization PizzAut present the Christmas box "PizzAut. Un’esperienza...

  • 03/10/2023

    The Grain from the ground to the table

    Grandi Molini Italiani is a historic italian company, specializing in wheat milling since as far back as 1886. The milling group boasts five active plants throughout...

  • 01/10/2023

    Passion comes from the grain

    What does a market leader do? He maps out the path, inspires, and guides his company toward ambitious goals. In the latest edition of Italia Più, the magazine...

  • 30/06/2023

    Figli d’Arte Bianca: we develop talent

    Bakery is an authentic craft, a true art passed down from generation to generation. Grandi Molini Italiani is committed to preserving its rich identity with the...

  • 01/06/2023

    Flours and Preparations

    What has been the performance of the "Flours and Preparations" category over the past 12 months? What are the strategic goals and opportunities to be seized...

  • 29/05/2023

    The innovative low-glycemic index wheat flour

    A varied and balanced diet is the basis of a healthy life, but it is not always easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle consistently. Managing to balance one's...

  • 22/05/2023

    To the Origins of Wheat

    In the beginning, in 1886, there was a small mill that ground wheat, next to the banks of the Po River. Today that small mill has become Italy's top milling group...

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