The Grandi Molini Italiani method

The key to well-being lies in every single grain.

We select our grains one by one, sending only the perfect grains for milling; by debranning we can guarantee a traceable, healthy and fragrant product.
Well-being is achieved through healthy eating. At Grandi Molini Italiani we care for every single grain, from the field to the plate. Our flagship is stone debranning, a process that allows us to preserve all of the grain’s nutritional value and flavour, and nothing else.

Stone dehulling

What it involves
The stone debranning process, part of pre-grinding stage, involves passing the wheat through a number of grinding rollers which, through light abrasion, remove any possible residues from the outer bran.

How it works
Through this process, only the healthy part of the grain is ground, keeping all of the fibres and all of the nutritional value intact. We use selected blends for this process, which guarantee a higher yield, and lighter and more digestible dough. Every product has a clear and full taste.

From the field to your table

  • Raw grain

    We test samples of every single supply under the microscope.

  • Optical separation

    We select the grains one by one, choosing only those that are perfect defects for milling, discarding any impurities and imperfect grains.

  • Stone debranning

    We clean every single grain from any impurities, while leaving the nutritional properties intact.

  • Slow milling

    A process of slow transformation from wheat to flour ensures a high-quality product, preserving all of the nutritional properties and fragrance.

  • Controlled ageing

    The flour is left to stabilise for at least 30 days before placing it on the market.

  • Ready for the oven

    All the specialities produced with our flours are lighter, tastier and easier to digest.


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