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Filled rustic cake: the Parigina

For the basic dough:
250 g of Preparation for real pizza with natural sourdough
160 ml of barely warm water
10 ml of extra virgin olive oil
4 g of salt

For the filling:
Tomato sauce
100 g of mozzarella
250 g of cooked ham
1 roll of puff pastry
1 egg yolk for brushing
Salt q. b.
You can use a kneading machine to prepare the basic dough: add the water, the oil, the salt and the flower in the mixer bowl and start kneading. Once you get a smooth and homogeneous mixture, let it rise in a bowl: it will be ready when it reaches twice the initial mass.
Once the dough has risen, baste your hands with some oil and roll out the dough into a basted baking tray, then let it rise a second time, almost for one hour.
Once completed also the second rising, you can spread the tomato sauce on your pizza, then you can add the cooked ham and the mozzarella that must be cut into thin slices.
Now you can cover the pizza with the roll of puff pastry, you can make small holes in it and then you can brush it with the egg yolk.
Finally, you can cook your Parigina for almost 30 minutes in the oven at 180°.
Once cooked, you can serve it hot and cut into squares.
In cooperation with Farina Lievito e Fantasia

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