• 5 / 6 hours
  • Low

Focaccia with potatoes and pecorino cheese

450 g of Soft wheat flour type 0 type Manitoba
300 g of 100% Italian Wheat - type 0 flour
2 g of dry yeast
520 g of cold water
25 g of evo oil
6 g of fine salt
6 g of honey

Begin the preparation of the focaccia by gathering the flour mix and yeast in the bowl of the planetary mixer, knead with a dough hook and slowly add the water (do this in several stages and only when the previous dose has been absorbed). Little by little also pour in the oil, add the honey and proceed kneading. When the dough is firm and elastic, add the salt. Let it rest in the bowl for 5 minutes, covered with a clean cloth, then make the folds by bringing the outer flaps toward the center and finally turn it out onto the work surface. After letting it rest for another 5 minutes, fold it in the following way: lift it up by taking it from the sides, place the bottom part on the work surface and let the top part fall back on top. Make a few more rounds of folds, alternating the rest, until the dough is smooth and dry. At this point, oil a baking pan, place the dough inside and let rise until doubled: this will take 2-3 hours. Once the rest is complete, roll out the flatbread until it covers the entire surface of the baking pan, then let rise again until doubled. Once the second rest is also completed, prepare a brine by combining 120 g water with 60 g oil. Pour the solution over the surface of the focaccia, pressing it down with your fingers to allow it to sink slightly. Separately, prepare the topping: cook two potatoes, mash them, season with oil and salt and place on the focaccia, sprinkle with oregano and bake in a static oven at 220°C on the lowest shelf of the oven for 16 minutes. Halfway through baking, take out the focaccia, spread grated pecorino cheese all over the surface and finish baking, still with the pan on the lowest shelf, for the last 5 minutes.

In collaboration with Fabiohofame

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