• 8 hours / 20 min
  • Low

Round pizza

Ingredients (for 8 pizzas)
500 g of 100% Italian Wheat - type 0 flour
360 ml of water
4 g of dry brewer’s yeast
20 g of olive oil
17 g of salt
400 g of tomato sauce
3 or 4 Fior di latte mozzarella
Start by sifting the flour into a large bowl, add a little water and mix with a wooden spoon, then add the dry brewer’s yeast. Continue to mix by pouring the remaining water a little at a time, initially with the spoon, then with your hand. Once the water is well incorporated, the mixture will be sticky: add the oil, continue to knead and finally add the salt.
At this point, move the dough onto a floured worktop and make a series of folds (folding the dough two or three times), repeating the series 4 or 5 times: remember to wait 10 minutes between a series of folds and the other one.
Once this phase is complete, place the dough in a bowl, sealing it with cling film.
You can choose between two types of leavening: for the first one, which lasts 24 hours, you have to place the dough in the fridge, remembering, after the leavening time, to let the sealed dough rest at room temperature for an hour before use; for the second one, which lasts 6 hours, you have to let the dough rise in the oven with the light on.
When the leavening is complete, form 80/100 g loaves and let them rest for 2 hours covered with a lightly laid film.
While letting the loaves rest, preheat the oven to maximum temperature and prepare the ingredients to season your pizzas: cut the mozzarella (letting it drain in a colander if it contains excess liquid) and prepare the tomato sauce.
At the end of the rest, roll out the loaves with your fingertips, transport them to a pan brushed with olive oil, season with the tomato and bake for 4/5 minutes (monitoring the cooking time according to the maximum temperature of your oven). Remove the pizzas from the oven, season with mozzarella and bake them again just long enough to melt.
Once cooked, take them out of the oven and close them forming a half moon.

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