• 2 hours
  • Low

Savory tartlets with colored cheese balls

For the base
250 g of 100% Italian Wheat - type 0 flour
150 g of butter
55 g of water
6 g of sugar
1 g of salt
1 yolk
For the filling
450 g cream cheese (as robiola)
Black sesame seeds q.s.
White sesame seeds q.s.
Chopped pistachio q.s.
Sweet paprika q.s.
Basil q.s.
Rocket q.s.
Yellow cherry tomatoes q.s.
Slices of polenta q.s.
Salt and oil q.s.
First, prepare the base: mix the yolk, water, sugar and salt, then place in the fridge. Proceed by pouring the cold and diced butter into the flour and stir until you get a sandy consistency. At this point, create a hole in the center of the mixture and pour the cooled liquids. Mix just enough to ensure that the mixture stays together, then pour it on the worktop, compact it into a square ball, wrap it in cling film and let it rest in the fridge for at least 1 hour.
After the necessary time, roll out the dough giving it a thickness of 3/4 millimeters. Grease 6 rings with a diameter of 10 cm and arrange them on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper or a micro-perforated mat.
From the rolled out dough, cut 6 strips about 3 cm wide and insert them into the rings, sealing the junction well, then make the bases from the remaining dough and insert them inside the circles making them adhere well along the edges. Place the pan in the freezer for 30 minutes, then line each tartlet with parchment paper, fill with beans and cook in static mood at 195° for 20/25 minutes. After the cooking time, remove the pan and, after a few minutes, remove the rings, brush with 1 egg beaten with 10 g of milk and bake again for 10 minutes at 165°.
At this point, prepare the filling: work the cheese in a pastry bag and pour the white sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, chopped pistachios and paprika into 4 different bowls. Dose a knob of cream cheese in each bowl, then create balls with your hands and make the cheese topping adhere well.
Once you have all the balls, cut the tomatoes and season with oil, salt and basil, then toast the slices of polenta and cut them into cubes. At this point, place a little rocket on the bottom of each tartlet, pour in a spoonful of tomatoes, fill with the 4 balls and fill the empty spaces with a few cubes of polenta.

In cooperation with L’Ultima Fetta

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