• 3 hours
  • Low

Whole-wheat nut sandwiches

Ingredients (for 12 buns)
300 g of Whole wheat flour
200 g of Type 0 Manitoba flour
200 g of water
12.5 g of fresh brewer's yeast 
100 g of quark-type spreadable cheese
5 g of salt
100 g of walnut kernels (about 250 g walnuts in shell)
250 g of Camembert
Chestnut honey
Salt flakes

Start by mixing the flours together, dissolve the salt in 50 g of water and, separately, the fresh yeast in 100 g of water. Let it rest 5 minutes, then start kneading by adding, in the following order and always kneading the dough, the water and yeast mix, 100 g of the remaining water, a tablespoon of honey, the spreadable cheese and the water and salt mix. Finish by adding the last 50 g of water (if you notice that the dough already has a soft, sticky consistency, you won't need to add it all). Proceed for a few more minutes until it forms a ball, then place it inside a bowl and let it rise for an hour or until doubled in size. At this point add the coarsely chopped walnut kernels, knead again and leave in the bowl another 20 minutes. Now pour the dough onto the work surface, divide it into 4 portions and each portion into 4 more wedges, for a total of 16 pieces. Form a tightly closed ball with each wedge, then place all the resulting balls on a baking sheet with baking paper, spacing them half an inch apart and keeping the space in the center for the packet of Camembert cheese. Let the rolls rise for another 20 to 30 minutes and in the meantime transfer the cheese to the freezer. After this time has elapsed, turn on the oven and set it to 220°C in static mode, then take the Camembert out of the freezer, remove its wooden wrapping and place it in its cap in the center of the baking pan, between the dough rolls. Line it again with the wooden package (this will allow for double protection), make diamond-shaped incisions on the surface and bake it for 20-25 minutes, lowering the temperature to 200°C after the first 15 minutes. When the buns are golden brown and the cheese melted, take them out of the oven. Brush the buns while still warm with honey and a few grains of salt. Finish by topping the Camembert with honey and rosemary, then serve. 

In collaboration with Vaniglia Cooking

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